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SMEs Development: E-marketing

October 7, 2016


Nowadays we are facing a new reality – e-market economy. The demand and supply are still the drivers but their actual execution is moving into the digital realm. These new developments give tremendous opportunities to the SMEs and the start-ups. Sadly not everyone can benefit sometimes due to the Government policies, however wherever it is fully free and deregulated the SMEs still do not get much of the use of new e-opportunities.


One thing which I found quite common is lack of knowledge of e-market, specifically its marketing part, or e-marketing. In old days products were created and warehoused in physical locations, in order to make them on the market (physical shops) the conventional marketing was required and attracting the customers to the shops was based on conventional marketing too.


In the digital world the products inventory is kept online, shops are electronic too and customers go to the e-shops to find the products. Obviously the conventional marketing does not work. To move product from seller account to the buyer account comprehensive e-marketing is required, instead of logo signs on the street and slick offices.


Strikingly, only extremely limited number of SMEs understand the basics of e-marketing.


We see many international financial institutions are providing all sort of assistance to the SMEs, including the financial instruments, however hardly anyone targets probably the most needed requirement of knowledge pillar - e-marketing.


I strongly believe it is close to impossibility to teach the SMEs e-marketing in conventional way. Instead, would be good to see the joint effort of the private and international donor organizations developing the platforms which would give the SMEs and the start-ups step-by-step assisted pathway forming their brand identity and developing marketing channels in digital environment.

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